Green Train
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Varenr: 48834
Siden: 18.09.2023
Produktet finnes i kategorien(e): Märklin H0-Vognsett, Märklin H0-Godsvogner, Märklin nyheter 2023-Märklin HO nyheter 2023
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Märklin 8834 - DSB GODSVOGNSETT, 5 VOGNER - Utsolgt
Prototype: Five different design Danish State Railways (DSB) freight cars. One type ZF fish transport car, one type IAL insulated boxcar, one type PUR gondola, one type TF stake car, and one type ZE tank car. All of the cars were used on the DSB. The cars look as they did in the mid-Fifties.
Model: The fish transport car and insulated boxcar have separately applied truss rods and steps. They are the version without a brakeman’s platform. The insulated boxcar has spoked wheelsets. The gondola has a separately applied brakeman’s platform, and a coal load is modelled. The cars are authentically weathered in the upper area. The stake car has separately applied truss rods. It is loaded with two VW T1 "Bulli" vans painted and lettered for FAXE Brewery. These vehicles are from Schuco. Stakes and restraints for both vehicles are included. The tank car has a detailed, partially open frame. The trucks are type Minden-Dorstfeld. The brakeman’s platform, number boards, and heat shield are separately applied. All of the cars are individually packaged and there is also a master package. Total length over the buffers approximately 57 cm
Produktet er utsolgt, og ikke lenger tilgjengelig.
NSB 1968
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