Green Train
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1:72 Panzerjager-Triebwagen 51
Varenr: HB 82953
Siden: 15.12.2023
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HOBBYBOSS 82953 - 1:72 Panzerjager-Triebwagen 51
1:72 Panzerjager-Triebwagen 51,
Total Plastic Parts 120+
Model Dimension Length: 592.5mm Width: 82.5mm ,
It was suggested in mid-1943 to make the Triebwagen 51 , but by the time design and construction was completed in 1944-45, it was too late to be of any significant use in WWII. It was equipped with an armored railcar 7.5cm KwK L/48 guns(in Panzer IV/H), which provided strong enough firepower to be used for anti-tank purposes . There were only three of this railcar made (No. 51-53) and all were found at the factory by Allied forces, but it is questionable whether any ever went into service.
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NSB 1968
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